What Can You Run On A 3500 Watt Generator?

A 3500-watt generator is a powerful machine with plenty of power for most home use. Many generators are in the 2k or 3k watt range, which is sufficient for light tasks like powering small lights or a fridge but can be too much power. So what can you run on a 3500-watt generator?

A 3500-watt generator would be perfect for running an outdoor air compressor or running an extra heavy-duty appliance such as a meat smoker all day.

If you want to run your appliances for extended periods of time, need more power, and have a sturdy machine, then a 3500-watt generator is the way to go.

About Generator wattage

About Generator Wattage

Generator power ratings are expressed in kilowatts, which is a power measurement that accounts for the machine’s voltage and frequency, allowing you to compare it to other machines.

A gas-powered generator will generally have a rating of 2,000 to 3,000 watts. A diesel generator will have a rating from 1,500 to 2,500 watts.

The more watts, the more power.

For example, a 3,000-watt generator has a frequency of 60 Hz and a voltage of 240 volts, like a standard house in North America. The same generator can be run at 120 volts for example for light use at home or fully loaded for heavy-duty use in an open-air concert or theatrical event.

What does a 3500 watt generator mean?

A generator is measured by the amount of wattage it puts out. You can calculate how much power you need by multiplying voltage and current. A unit consisting of 3500 watts has a voltage of 120 volts and an amperage of 8 amps (this is the maximum value).

What Does A 3500 Watt Generator Mean?

So that means that at full load, it draws a total current of 5,000 amps (maximum). It is important to know what these values are because these are the values at which your generator will fail if you exceed them.

Home appliances you can run on a 3500 Watt Generator.

  1. Blender 850 Watts
  2. DVD player 350 Watts
  3. Hair Dryer 1900 Watts
  4. Electric Grill 1650 Watts
  5. Electric heater, 1500 Watts
  6. Coffee maker 600 Watts
  7. Television 120 Watts
  8. Portable Fan 120 Watts
  9. Laptop PC 225 Watts

And many more…

Blender 850 Watts

Blender 850 Watts

Making smoothies can become a power-intensive process, especially if you are using frozen fruit and ice. A blender with an 850-watt motor is strong enough to make your blended drinks but will not be able to mix in batches of ice or frozen fruit.

DVD player 350 Watts

DVD Player 350 Watts

A DVD player will draw 350 watts for the entire duration of its use. It will be able to play a movie, but that might not be enough power for a new release with extras that run after the movie.

Hair Dryer 1900 Watts

Hair Dryer 1900 Watts

A hairdryer consumes a bit more power than the average household appliance, but it still only uses around 1,900 watts.

Electric Grill 1650 Watts

Electric Grill 1650 Watts

Electric Grills, which commonly come in sizes of 1,650 to 3,000 watts have enough power to run a very large range of equipment.

These grills can run from your water heater to your barbecue grill for your home or outdoor table seating. Most appliances will not have the same amount of wattage as these grills provide.

Electric Heater, 1500 Watts

Electric Heater, 1500 Watts

An electric heater rated at 1,500 watts for household use is enough to keep you warm in less than ideal weather. It will not produce enough heat to keep your whole house very comfortable but it is a good supplement.

Coffee maker 600 Watts

Coffee Maker 600 Watts

A typical coffee maker will draw 600 watts, which is a lot slower than the average electric heater. However, the coffee maker is left on for a longer period of time and thus you are sure to have hot coffee throughout the day.

Electric Meat Smoker, 1500 Watts

Electric Meat Smoker, 1500 Watts

An average electric meat smoker will draw between 1,500 and 2,000 watts. A larger machine would need a more powerful generator to run.

Flat Screen Television 120 Watts

Flat Screen Television 120 Watts

A flat-screen television will draw 120 watts while it is on. That means that you could watch the news or a movie at home with a 3,000-watt generator for several hours without a problem.

Portable Fan 120 Watts

Portable Fan 120 Watts

A portable fan with a 120-watt motor is enough to keep you cool and comfortable while going about your normal activities. You may want to use a stronger fan for your second bedroom or when you are in the great outdoors.

Laptop PC 225 Watts

Laptop PC 225 Watts

A laptop draws less power than some of the other household appliances, but it still draws around 225 watts. This means that you could watch the news or play an online game while using a 3,500-watt generator without any problems.

What you can run in your work station on a 3500 Watt Generator

What You Can Run In Your Work Station On A 3500 Watt Generator
  1. Circular saw – 1,400 watts
  2. CNC Plasma Table – 2,000 watts
  3. Drill press – 1,400 watts
  4. Handheld Router – 1,400 watts
  5. Small vacuum cleaner – 2,200 watts
  6. Soldering iron – 400 watts
  7. Mini Chop Saw – 1,850 watts
  8. Reciprocating Saw – 2,000 Watts
  9. Band Saw – 1,600 Watts
  10. Jig Saw – 2,400 Watts
  11. Small Shaper – 1,400 Watts
  12. Cordless Drill – 380 watts
  13. Portable band saw with 7 amp motor – 1,500 watts
  14. Portable sawmill – 2,000 Watts
  15. 60 Amp electrical generator – 1,900 Watts
  16. 18 Volt buffer-charger/generator – 2,000 watts
  17. Scroll saw or table-saw – 1,600 watts

and many more.

Circular saw – 1,400 watts

Circular Saw – 1,400 Watts

The circular saw is a staple in everyone’s tool collection. It is essentially the same machine as your table saw, only it runs on a portable generator. These machines typically run at 1,400 watts on average and you can run one of these on a 3500-watt generator with ease.

CNC Plasma Table – 2,000 watts

CNC Plasma Table – 2,000 Watts

A CNC (computer numerical control) Plasma table is used by some shops to cut out different materials by melting them down and cutting them with superheated coils. This machine can use up to 2,000 watts of power, but most models only use 1,500 watts or less. A 3500-watt generator will easily handle the load from this machine.

Drill press – 1,400 watts

Drill Press – 1,400 Watts

The drill press is not only handy for drilling holes into various materials; it is also great for sanding and buffing different surfaces. Most drill presses use around 1,400 watts of power and this is more than enough for a 3500-watt generator to run them with ease.

Handheld Router – 1,400 watts

Handheld Router – 1,400 Watts

The handheld router is the smallest in the tool collection. It works similar to a normal router, except it has a smaller blade that is more for intricate work than letting it run wild.

This machine is used by many woodworkers and provides the same level of precision as a larger router. With the power provided by this machine, you will be able to effortlessly finish up all of your projects without a problem at all.

Silent Scroll Saw – 1,400 watts

Silent Scroll Saw – 1,400 Watts

The scroll saw is an unforgiving tool; in fact, it is one of the most dangerous tools out there. The scroll saw cuts wood in extremely thin slices and has the ability to completely turn your arm into Swiss cheese when you have it gripped tightly.

This tool is used by many woodworkers, and it is especially appreciated when working on intricate wood projects. The tool provides the same level of precision that a regular saw can provide and will never leave a hole in the piece of wood you are working on.

Cabinet Saw – 1,400 watts

Cabinet Saw – 1,400 Watts

A cabinet saw is not much different than a regular table saw because it has the same power supply and blade system. It can be just as dangerous to use just as any other table saw would be but it can cut thicker layers of lumber depending on the size of your workpiece.

Stationary Saw – 5,000 – 10,000 watts

Stationary Saw – 5,000 – 10,000 Watts

A stationary saw is one of the higher-powered table saws that have an independent motor. It does not have a blade in the saw itself but rather a support frame with a blade holder.

This allows you to run larger blades and also makes your cuts accurate and clean. Stationary tables are good for projects in which you will be making larger pieces of furniture and similar items.

Scroll Saw – 400 watts

Scroll Saw – 400 Watts

A scroll saw is one of the few power tools that is not using electricity to operate its motor. They use pinions instead of pulleys which makes it move much more slowly than electrical motors yet at the same time producing less friction than an electrical motor. In a scroll saw, the pinion has to be replaced with every new blade.

It only takes ~400 watts. So a 3500 watt generator can run it.

Handheld Router – 1,400 watts

Handheld Router – 1,400 Watts

The handheld router works as a small electric circular saw. It is a smaller version of the stationary router and should not be used for heavy-duty work.

It features a motor that is too weak to handle larger projects but is perfect for cutting in rounded holes into wood. This tool is very precise and will make your joints look like they were done by a professional carpenter.

Reciprocating Saw – 2,000 Watts

Reciprocating Saw - 2,000 Watts

The reciprocating saw can be used on almost any material out there and comes in handy whenever you are trying to get through something that you have never cut before. It is used for cutting lumber with a high tolerance and is perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials.

Band Saw – 1,600 Watts

Band Saw - 1,600 Watts

A band saw can be used to cut through just about anything out there. It works by using wood as its material and moving it through the blade until it automatically stops. It can cut through thinner pieces of wood than many other saws can with ease and is very powerful.

It works best when working on thick cuts for high-strength applications such as furniture building or airplane parts. This saw requires~1600 watt only. A 3500 watt generator can easily power it.

Portable Sawmill – 2,000 Watts

Portable Sawmill - 2,000 Watts

A portable sawmill is a tool that stands against other types of milling machines. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or hooked up to a larger table saw. This machine will yield very beefy results and is great for cutting lumber into very specific sizes of lumber, which normally isn’t possible with other tools.

Vacuum Cleaner – 2,200 watts

Vacuum Cleaner – 2,200 Watts

A vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt and dust from almost any surface it touches. With the power provided by a 3500-watt generator, you can easily vacuum up the dirt from all of your floors without any problems.

Cordless Drill – 380 watts

Cordless Drill – 380 Watts

A cordless drill is an electric tool that provides both an electric motor and a battery. It allows you to run it while powered by a portable generator, so you will be able to provide power to the drill and still be able to walk around with it.

Electric Cigarette Lighter – 400 watts

Electric Cigarette Lighter – 400 Watts

A lighter is used for many different purposes, such as igniting a fire just in case of an emergency. A lighter can be used on a gas stove for cooking meals or simply lighting some candles in the dark.

Should you buy a 3500 Watt generator?

There are two questions you must ask yourself before deciding whether or not to buy a 3500-watt generator. Are you willing to spend the money to purchase one, and will it be worth the trouble?

1. Will you need that much power?

For example, if you live in a house that is only 400 square feet, then a 3500-watt generator does not make sense. It would be very difficult for even this small amount of space to accommodate the amount of power required by a 3500-watt generator.

You should make sure that you know what your power demands will be before buying a generator. If you live in a post-disaster situation, it would be wise to get a generator that will support up to 5,000 watts of power.

Should You Buy A 3500 Watt Generator?

2. Will the generator be reliable and functional?

You need to make sure that the generator can function properly and produce the amount of power you need for your home and business.

If you’re looking for an emergency backup or just extra power during downtimes, then you can buy a less expensive generator without expecting top quality.

But if you plan on using it regularly, then look for certified machines by names like Generac and Honda Power Equipment as well as companies like Echo Power Products.


I hope now you know what can you run on a 3500-watt generator and the article helps you to size your generator.

Let me know if you have any questions and also share your opinion…

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