Where Are Predator Generators Made?

Predator generators are really have some controllable features that make it stand out from other portable inverter generators.

One of the most significant is the design which is built to be quiet and light weight. The power output capability of these generators is similar to Honda or Yamaha units but what you pay for this unit will be much less than these brand names.

The Predator generator models 1500-watt, 3000-watt, and 7000-watt have been manufactured by Harbor Freight.

These models are assembled in China and imported by Harbor Freight without any changes made to them in the company’s facility in America before shipping them out to customers who order these through their online store or a retail outlet near their location that sells this equipment.

But are they really manufactured in China? Let’s find out.

Who Makes Predator Engine or Generators?

Predator engines are produced by the Chinese company called Power TEAM. This company is a fully owned subsidiary of the parent company, Maystar International Group.

The parent company was established in 1973 by Jin Zheng who is currently the chairman and owner of the company, and he is also the chairman of Power Team.

Production of generators happens in a single factory located in Guangzhou, China. There were approximately 125 people working at this factory in 2009 with only three to five people at any given time performing production tasks on each of these generators.

Who Makes Predator Engine Or Generators?

All production workers are employees of this company and they’re all Chinese nationals with employment contracts that have been granted to them through labor exchanges.

According to the information from the parent company, Maystar International Group, it was estimated that at least 80% of the workforce working on these engines is female.

One reason why there are so many women working on this production line is because of their dexterity when performing repetitive tasks.

Another factor is that women are generally less than men in height and weight which makes them able to easily lift these generators when moving them around the assembly line and then into packaging for shipment to customers.

The average age of these workers would be between 25 and 35 years depending on what department they’re assigned to within the factory.

Where are predator generators made?

Where Are Predator Generators Made?

The Predator engine and 3-Phase generator are both manufactured in the same factory in Guangzhou, China.

The factory is owned by Power TEAM International S.A., a subsidiary of Maystar International Group that was set up to produce and assemble all of the products produced by Power Team.

The factory can also be classified as an export processing zone (EPZ) because it’s designated by the Chinese government as the location for such factories to be located.

There are roughly 125 workers employed at the Guangzhou Power HOUSE, which makes about 25% of what’s produced here each year from all of its customers around world, some being other companies who operate assembly lines within this facility.

How similar is predator generators to honda generators?

How Similar Is Predator Generators To Honda Generators

Predator generators are built very similar to Honda Generators. They work on a 6-pole capacity system which means that they have an extra set of poles in the engine to carry this unit’s load.

On the inside, there are all the linkages and pulleys needed to operate a generator. The difference is that Predator generators feature an oil-less engine design, meaning that instead of using oil in the unit, there is a lubrication system installed in it through sealed bearings.

This makes Predator generators lighter weight and quieter than other portable inverter generators from Honda or Yamaha brands.

Is the 212cc exact clone of the Honda Gx200?

No, Predator 212cc is not an exact clone of Honda GX200. Predator 212cc use Sungsang engine and GX200 use Honda engine.

Can you use same parts for both of the engines?

Yes, you can as many people use that. But it’s not recommended by Generator Xpert.

What is the cost of predator generators?

Price on this unit is competitive with other brands when it comes to portable inverter generators, but expensive than home standby generators. For example, Honda Generators Gen II 2000-watt models on average ranges from $600-$650 while the Predator 1500 and 3000 are both priced at $399.99.

What Is The Cost Of Predator Generators?

These prices are certainly reasonable for these units as they are solid performers in their class, and it just shows that when building a generator unit with this kind of quality design and features, you come to premium prices on these units. But for a unit in this class, price is definitely justified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are predator generators any good?

Predator generators are great and a well-constructed product. They work very well and last a long time without major problems.

They are sold by Harbor Freight, so their quality control is not in the same league as other brands. But for the price, you can’t beat them.

Not to mention they’re light weight and compact, which makes them perfect for camping or backpacking trips where you need a strong portable inverter generator to power your RV, camper or small house trailer.

What is the engine size of predator generators?

The engine of predator generators use proprietary Predator Engines 213cc engines.

What Is The Engine Size Of Predator Generators?

Are predator generators good for RV use?

They work great. I have one that I bought used from a guy who bought it new from Harbor Freight and used it for 4 years on his RV.

What is the amperage of the predator generators?

Most of predator generators are 3-phase 200A inverter generators. But you can find Predator 212cc which has rated capacity of 213cc, producing 210 peak watts and 200 rated watts, maximum running amps at 32amps and continuous running amps at 25amps.

Are predator generators made by Honda?

No, Predator generators are made a Chinese company and imported to the USA by Harbor Freight.


Predator generators are really good quality generators. You can never go wrong with them and each unit has its niche and purpose.

Now you know where are predator generators made and who imports them to the USA.

Thanks for reading.

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